An average human would have at least 5 crushes in his or her teenage years. Having a crush on someone simply means that you have a soft spot for them, probably because of their looks, charisma, the way they talk, dress or walk etc. The fact that you have a crush for someone doesn’t mean they will feel the same towards you.

Here are some signs that they are not into you as you are into them.

1. They never compliment you about your outfits ,no matter how much you dress to impress them. Even if you go ahead to buy a designers shoe because you just want him or her notice you, he or she would just walk past you; especially when you both have not made physical connections like being a distant friend.

2. If he or she is not into you, they wont reply your calls and will barely reply your messages.

These are the two major signs that they are not into you, no matter how hard you try to get them to notice you.


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