For the sake of time and space, I wish not to handle the onerous task of reviewing all the projects undertaken by Ugwuanyi’s led Enugu State but I accept it as part of my civil responsibilities to give honour to whom honour is due with regards to the government of my immediate society, henceforth, I wish to acknowledge some of the positive significances of Gburu Gburu’s administrative outputs that have continued to enjoy my genuine admiration.

As available in the arsenal of our cultural heritage, it is the ability to initiate and implement solutions to some prevailing problems that earns one the nomenclature; achiever and for the fact that some indigines of ENUGU STATE find it very satisfying and comfortable to call Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,MR PROJECT speaks volume of the class of plaudits he has continued to enjoy among his people.

But we are all aware that nothing goes for nothing, so taking cognizance of his reputable inclination towards human capital development, one would not be seen as sounding sentimental for applauding Gburu Gburu. Even as other states have continued to depend on foreign loans to survive, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has proven his mettle by not only surviving without those Trojan horses that penetrate our economies as foreign loans but have continued to lead in economic viability, thereby attracting a lot of foreign and local investors. So, why would our accolades be perceived as misplaced?

Not minding the debilitating effects of the global Covid 19 pandemic, our governor has remained upbeat not just in commissioning of new projects but in flagging off new ones. And again, who would not praise a governor that deliberately waived the income taxes of those occupying the lowly part in the hierarchy of economic growth, consisting of the petty traders, artisans and the tricyclists, popularly called the Keke Riders?

As a tactical player of many wings and styles, Gburu Gburu recently contributed immensely towards the passage of the Child’s Rights Law in Enugu State to ensure that the welfare and the fundamental human rights of every child resident in Enugu State are intact and protected and has not stopped exploring other grey areas for improvement and development, thereby justifying his new title as MR PROJECT, no wonder Hon. Mrs.Aisha Alhassan recently admitted that she cannever be surprised at Ugwuanyi’s developmental strides as a governor owing to his long time predilection, compassion and pedigree in trying to alleviate the plight of his people right from their time at the Green Chamber in the National Assembly.





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