It is no longer news that this pandemic lockdown has brought about social distancing , caused so many lovers drift apart and also triggered a lot of breakups. I will be discussing on fun and recreational activities one can participate in ,either with your spouse friend, colleague , family or as an individual. I am glad this pandemic has taught us the difference between casual friends and real friends.

1. Movie night.                                                    I am a fan of cuddling  on the couch with my partner in the living room, with the light turned off and us watching a movie. This might sound cheap but it all depends on the kind of drinks and edible you have made available for that night. Movie night with a lover brings you both closer and increase your bond level.

2. Private pool swimming.                                This might sound expensive for some individuals but its worth it. This type of recreational activities is suitable for all form of relationships. Rent the whole of the pool section for a some hours, catch up with your real friends, dance ,eat a slice of cake etc. Celebrate your freedom .

3. Go to the Gym/ yoga classes.                     Exercise can never go old. There is joy and satisfaction you get from  attending the gym or yoga classes with your friend or partner.

4. Engage in a social contest.                           Most people spend their whole day and data on social media without earning anything . Why not engage in a contest where you can earn money at the end of the contest. This is a virtual recreational activity and can go with all other physical activities. Click on the link below to join a social media contest and stand a chance to win 15 thousand naira

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